Company Shops Market launches campaign to expand its coffee bar, deli services

By Morgan Abate 

A local market in downtown Burlington launched a crowdfunding campaign on Oct. 9, to raise money for a new coffee bar that would help meet local, specialty coffee needs for the community.  

“There aren’t any coffee shops nearby in Burlington,” said Marketing Manager Sarah Southern. “There’s no place for specialty coffee.” 

Company Shops Market has been serving coffee since it opened in 2011, but according to Southern, they have always been looking to expand their offerings. Before launching the campaign, Company Shops surveyed their customers about adding coffee options. The majority wanted Company Shops to expand. 

Graphic by Morgan Abate
Graphic by Morgan Abate

“This is definitely for the benefit of the customers,” she said. “Not only are we providing an ample response, we’re trying to meet that need.”

The local food market plans to work with Beans Boro, a coffee shop and roaster in Greensboro, should they succeed in raising $10,000 in the next month through their Indiegogo campaign. 

The money raised will go toward expanding the deli area and reconfiguring some of the space to make room for a coffee bar complete with espresso machine. The expansion will make the deli area more efficient. Customers will be able to purchase their coffee and deli sandwiches separate from the checkout lanes.

Other additions and supplies include: 

  • Stainless steel frothing pitchers, stirring utensils, coffee tampers, espresso portafilter holders

  • Porcelain coffee cups and saucers

  • Small, under-the-counter commercial refrigerator for dairy products

  • Small ice maker

  • New signage and promotional materials

Follow Company Shops Market on Twitter and Facebook to learn more about their local and organic offerings.


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